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Cambodia will hold large-scale drills ahead of the day of Mr. Rainsy’s arrival


PHNOM PENH – Cambodia will conduct a large-scale live ammunition drill, a live-fire tactic of infantry battalions, in early November 2019, amid Mr. Sam Rainsy announcing his return to the country after a day of training. Human rights experts are concerned that there could be clashes between opposition supporters and government forces.

The 5th Battalion in Battambang province will conduct a large-scale live-fire exercise, a live-fire tactical demonstration of the 5th Battalion 2019 offensive, to take place on 8th November this year.

But, according to a 5th Brigade officer, reported electronically with a local journalist on the afternoon of August 19th, 2019, Army of the 5th Brigade will hold a live-fire exercise at the shooting ground at Veal Chab Mountain. Kous Krolor district, Battambang province, on 8th November 2019. The actual shooting will be presided over by the general. Hun Manet, deputy chief of the Armed Forces and the commander of the ground forces.

Without any changes, the live-fire drills will be conducted with live-fire exercises of the DKZ75, ammunition support, 23 mm mortar fire, 12.7mm ammunition on armored vehicles (Tank) and 40 ammunition.

However, the military exercise will be held on the eve of Independence Day, November 9th, 2019, and the day before the arrival of Sam Rainsy, acting president of the former CNRP.

Recently, Mr. Sam Rainsy, Acting CNRP president, announced his repatriation to Cambodia is on November 9th, 2019. Some comments raised that the intention of announcing a day-long exercise on the opposition leader’s return home is to detain and prevent Mr. Sam Rainsy from entering the country.

The cause has been raised by officials working on human rights issues and concerns over the safety of opposition supporters, which could spark any clash between government forces and Mr. Sam Raisy’s supporters.

Mr. Soeung Sen Karuna, the spokesman for Human rights organization Cambodia Adhoc, said in an interview that he was worried and worried that he did not know this is the intention to deter Mr. Sam Rainsy from returning home or to strengthen the military capacity.

Yet, he added this military drills would only hurt opposition supporters if Mr. Sam Rainsy returns on the day that he promised.

Mr. Soeng Sen Karuna continued: “I am worried about that because we know that we have an opposition party that is planning to return to Cambodia and we see that there is a side that our government has armed forces and military exercises we are afraid that there is a use of armed violence to prevent the arrival of opposition leaders and the movement, and it can lead to violence. »

He said that as a senior official of the organization working on human rights issues, he did not want this to happen.

So far, women’s radio has not been reached by Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Chhum Socheat yet.

But according to the email of military officials above, the exercise is aimed solely at strengthening the RCAF capabilities and to be conducted annually in accordance with the Ministry of National Defense’s policy on the military to be more competent further protecting territorial borders.

For the presence of Sam Rainsy on 9th, November. Prime minister Hun Sen often warned that if Mr. Rainsy would dare to return home, he would be prepared to hand out machine guns and handcuffs to opposition leaders.

So far, Mr. Sam Rainsy has announced from Australia that his arrival is more important than his life.

Written by Serey Vaddhanak