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Job Announcement-Finance Manager


Job Announcement


The Women’s Media Centre of Cambodia is a non-governmental and non-profit organization. Since 1995, WMC has been one of the key institutions in Cambodia working to change social attitudes, by promoting gender equity and equality, women’s empowerment and gender awareness. WMC uses multi-media as a path to achieve empowerment for women, girls, and other vulnerable groups.


The organization strives to promote positive behavioral change through four main activities:  the Women’s Radio program, video production, digital multimedia platform, and community-based media outreach and training. We produce high quality radio, daily news, video and online digital material to educate a variety of target audiences, and advocate with and for women and minorities.


WMC reaches approximately 2 million people daily through radio. WMC’s media coverage, especially radio, extends to more than 50% of the population from both urban and rural areas. Rural communities, especially women and girls, may have limited access to electricity, smart phones, and internet, and do not always have access to digital media. In this context, radio continues to be an important source of daily news and information for a substantial part of Cambodia’s population. Additionally, the WMC website and social media have reached out to a substantial number of people. The website has about 40,000 visitors per day, Facebook has 600,000 followers, and YouTube has 200,000 subscribers.


WMC is seeking for a dynamic, professional, and qualified Cambodian for the position of Finance Manager.

Qualified women are strongly encouraged to apply.


Term of Reference        :           Finance Manager

Salary                           :           USD 1,200-1,500

Location                       :            Phnom Penh

Work Status                  :            Full Time

Report to                      :           Executive Director




The Finance Manager is responsible for the overall financial operations of WMC. He/she must ensure that accurate financial records are maintained, timely and accurate reporting is provided to Management and donors, the financial resources of WMC are protected through the implementation of appropriate internal control mechanisms and that appropriate advice and training on financial issues is available to both Finance Unit staff and throughout the whole organization. As a member of the senior Management Team, the Finance Manager provides input into strategic and managerial decisions made on behalf of the whole organization and actively contributes to leading the organization towards higher achievements.



These duties shall comprise (but not necessarily be limited to) the following:


  1. Finance Policy
  • Ensures that the finance policies of WMC are kept up-to-date and reflect current Accounting Standards and the best practices in internal control and resource management;
  • Ensures all staff are aware of WMC Finance policies and procedures and that these policies and procedures are always consistently followed;
  • Always responds to queries on WMC financial processes and policies as required;


  1. Accounting Records
  • Supervises the Quick Book system;
  • Ensures financial records are accurate and kept in a format which meets WMC needs;
  • Ensures all transactions are in accordance with the relevant policies and guidelines before submitting to Executive Director for approval;
  • Ensures all financial records are accurately filed and that electronic records are regularly backed-up and a copy on DVD in kept in a secure off-site location;


  1. Budgeting/Reporting to Management
  • Prepares annual budget to be submitted to Executive Director and Board of Directors for approval;
  • Prepare budget for donors;
  • Prepares revised monthly forecasts and submits to Executive Director;
  • Prepares accurate and timely reports to Management on WMC’s financial situation;
  • Supports Management by providing advice on the funding situation and alerting them to any potential problems;
  • Checks WMC annual financial statement prepared by Finance Officer, previous to submitting to External Audit for review;
  • Prepares periodic financial reports as required by the Board of Directors and donors;



  1. Budgeting/Reporting to Donors
  • Assists with the preparation of and approves all budgets included in donor proposals;
  • Liaise with donors on financial issues;
  • Monitors expenditure against budgets and advises management promptly of any issues;
  • Oversees the preparation of accurate and timely reports to donor organizations;


  1. Revenue
  • Ensures all revenue owed to WMC is collected in a timely and effective manner and is accurately recorded, including overseeing processes for signing sales contracts and issuing invoices;
  • Ensures all revenue is banked promptly and in accordance with the finance policy;


  1. Bank Accounts and Cash Control
  • Arranges the opening and closing of bank accounts and the preparation of specimen signatures to the bank;
  • Carries out a monthly reconciliation of C/A accounts and quarterly reconciliation all WMC bank accounts, and present these to Executive Director for approval within 3 weeks of the end of the month;
  • Ensures all cash is held in a secure locked location and independent checks are carried out in accordance with WMC finance policy;
  • Carries out a monthly cash count and reports to Executive Director for approval;


  1. Audit
  • Facilitates the audit of WMC financial records and implements recommendations as appropriate;


  1. Management
  • Participates in regular Management Team meetings in order to examine and control budget generated and spend, and provides various support in the area of organizational development, HR planning and budgeting, HR recruitment, management and development etc;
  • As a member of the senior Management Team, provides input into strategic and managerial decisions made on behalf of the whole organization;
  • Prepares annual Finance Unit plan and budget;
  • Provides guidance and supervision to Finance Unit staff, in order to support them in effectively and timely implementing activities and advancing projects, aiming at achievement of set goals;
  • Represents WMC for the public consultation, attending workshops and meeting with government officials, partners and other stakeholders as required and assigned;


  1. Staff Motivation and Productivity
  • Supervises staff working within Finance Unit, shares strategies, sets priorities and allocates tasks accordingly to subordinated staff;
  • Encourages staff to reflect the Core Values of the organization in behaviour and attitude;
  • Undertakes performance appraisals in accordance with the staff policy; and
  • Identifies skill shortages and arranges for the appropriate staff training, where possible;


  1. Personal Growth and Development
  • Develops and maintains friendly, open work relationships and communication with all team members, and a helpful, friendly and professional attitude at all times;
  • Actively seeks out and participates in professional development opportunities, and actively contributes to the improvement of the overall managerial system of the organization.





  • Holds deep and wide knowledge and understanding of finance;
  • Is technically advanced in finance and accounting skills and can lead others in all relating tasks;
  • Demonstrates flexibility, accountability and control in working with donors/partners on complex financial tasks;
  • Holds strong knowledge of the organization structure and functioning, strategies, strengths and challenges and clearly locates the finance unit functioning and performance in the organizational framework;
  • Demonstrates strong communication skills, including public speaking and negotiation, creative writing and editing;
  • Demonstrates strong listening capacity, enabling mutual understanding and sharing of ideas and information;
  • Manages multiple tasks and relates to multiple actors effectively and respecting deadlines;
  • Is extremely precise and meticulous in his/her tasks;
  • Guides, supports and motivates subordinated staff, aiming at their professional development and expression of full potential;
  • Builds positive work relations with colleagues and partners, promoting mutual support and open communication;
  • Perceives conflict of ideas as an occasion for learning and strengthening relations;
  • Strives to keep job knowledge up-to-date through self-directed study and other means of learning, and incorporates new and better approaches to work processes in his/her work;
  • Promotes a knowledge sharing and learning culture in the office;
  • Bachelor Degree (or equivalent) in Finance and Accounting or related field. Master Degree is preferred;
  • At least 5 years of relevant experience in Finance and Accounting in non-profit sector;
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English and Khmer is required.



Application Information

Interested candidates are invited to send your CV and cover letter to Women Media Centre of Cambodia address:  #20, St 23D, Phumi Thmey, Sangkat Dangkor, Khan Dangkor, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, or via email address: [email protected].

For further information, please visit https://wmc.org.kh and the Women’s Radio Facebook page.

Telephone # 069 848 013 / 011 780 510

Deadline: Monday, July 11, 2022 at 5 pm.

Job Announcement_ Finance Manager, Khmer June, 2022

Job Announcement_ Finance Manager, English June, 2022